People don’t really come to our cycle event to ride bikes, they come to eat Edie’s brownies. They have become renowned in all corners of the UK, their decadent richness causing spontaneous tummy growling and feelings of chocolate lust.

Edie’s recipe is from a Telegraph article about 20 years ago by Josceline Dimbleby. Tried, tested and honed over many years till now BY edie. In the months before the event Edie makes hundreds of her magic slabs to fuel the legs and hearts of our cycling heroes.

Recipe is titled ‘Better Than Ever Chocolate Brownies’

These brownies are exactly as they should be; dark and gooey, yet chewy. This recipe makes at least 30 but of course you can half it, by why would you want to?!


* 8oz / 225g butter

* 3oz / 75g cocoa powder

* 4oz / 100g plain chocolate

* 4 medium or large eggs

* 1/2 tsp salt

* 1lb / 450g soft light brown sugar

* 4oz / 100g self-raising flour

* 6oz / 175g roughly chopped pecan nuts optional (Edie leaves these out!)

Edie’s top tips

* Edie doesn’t use pecan nuts

* Good quality chocolate with high cocoa content (70%+)

* A good quality butter and brown sugar


Part 1:

* Heat the oven to 180deg / gas mark 4

* Butter your largest roasting pan or baking sheet (with proper sides)

* Put the butter in a saucepan and melt over a gently heat

* Stir in the cocoa powder until it’s smoothly blended

* Add the chocolate broken into small pieces

* Continue stirring until melted and remove for heat.

Part 2:

* Put eggs in a large bowl with the salt and sugar, whisk thoroughly until light and frothy.

* Whisk in the butter and chocolate mixture from Part 1.

* Sift in the flour onto the mixture and fold in lightly with large metal spoon.

* Stir in nuts if using.

* Pour mixture into the buttered pan.

Part 3:

* Bake in the centre of the oven for 30-40 mins.

* They should still feel slightly undercooked.

* Cool in the pan and then cut into squares

* Remove from the tin, best with a flexible spatula


There you have it, Edie’s secret is firmly out the saddle bag. Really hope you have fun making them, but even more fun eating.

Please take a picture on the day of your brownie and tag #rideonnelly