First up we are very sorry for such a long lycra silence, normally by now we would have released the 2023 date for Nelson’s Tour de Test Valley and the wheels would be rolling fast along the road.

So on that, we have a very important announcement, one that’s taken real consideration and careful thought from us. The outcome is this year due to a big bowl full of important reasons, we have decided to take a quick breather.

Myself, Chris and the Pratt family always said to ourselves that after 10 years we’d take stock, reflect, to see if there’s a way to make the event even better and we’d love the time to do that properly. I know this sounds a bit wannabe Glasto but after losing our main food supplier due to retirement this year, and other big life events like Nelson’s brother Chris, having a baby, we felt it was the perfect time to take a break and look to relaunch in 2024 – hopefully with an even better, progressive and fun family event.

Last year’s 10th anniversary edition was so very special for us. To see the event morph over time into such a family friendly event, with a beautifully open, loyal and wonderful community has been incredible. This has only been possible with your un-wavering support, beaming smiles and of course your tireless legs! I will never forget the live panel chat we did last year and seeing the kids mosh out to the live music in the tent. The next generation is clearly leading the charge, both on bikes and on the dance floor, they are the future of all this and pushing the conversation on mental health.

You have truly honoured Nelson, created a lasting legacy which undoubtedly helps many others, and raised vital funds for CALM to help reduce suicide. Last year alone CALM’s helpline answered 161,798 contacts and over 3million minutes of support was provided across calls and chats. Thank you.

Just to be totally clear, this is not us pedalling into the Hampshire mist, never to be seen again. Far from it. We value the power of this community so much and don’t want that heart, energy, friendships and support to fade. It’s as special to us as hopefully it is to you. The event will be back with a bang in 2024 and we cannot wait to have you by our side for the next chapter. We would never have got here without you and we will need you along for the ride into the future.

So along that tip, this September, we’d love you to join us on a virtual ride like so many of you did in 2021. We’re working away to bring you the best experience and goodies when you take part, so you can still join us on your bike and raise much needed funds and awareness for CALM’s life-saving services.

Keep in the know with all the details and register your interest for the 2023 TDTV virtual challenge here – https://calm.tfaforms.net/4768801?tfa_172

We are also looking at doing a survey to hear how you guys think the event could be improved for 2024 – so please keep a beady eye out for an email shortly. We know you’ll probably only miss the brownies so if anyone wants the recipe just shout.

We thank you so much for your understanding and support over the last 10 years. Also the biggest thank you to all our partners and friends who have made it possible; VANS Footwear, Farr Vintners, Halo Sports, Andy Cook Cycling, The Snowboard Asylum, Mizu, Bowtells Farm Shop, Langdowns DFK, Knight Frank, Schoph, all the Army guys, Heroes.

Ride on Nelly, now, forever and until we all ride again in 2024.

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Nelson’s Tour de Test Valley proudly support the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM is leading a movement against suicide through vital, life-saving support, impactful campaigns and collective action. On average, 125 people take their own lives in the UK every week and that’s just not ok.

We believe that strong community events like ours can help lower these statistics. As a society we are losing our sense of community, NTDTV is a simple way to connect both physically and mentally. Your entry and heroic legs will support CALM’s work and help change this horrific stats.

This event for me holds something really special, despite Nelson’s story being one so tragic the positive atmosphere, hope and welcoming feeling that radiates on the day is unbridled in my opinion. To see every level of cyclist hitting the roads in support of Nelson and CALM is incredible and the routes and setting are so stunning. I would recommend this to anyone, an absolute must in your cycling year.



Keep your eye out for the new ‘Ride On Nelly’
jersey that will be released very soon.


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First up we are very sorry for such a long lycra silence, normally by now we would have released the 2023 date for Nelson's Tour de Test Valley and the wheels would be rolling fast along the road. So on that, we have a very important announcement, one that's taken...

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We’ve decided to take a quick breather,
BUT, this September, we’d love you to join us
on a virtual ride.


Drop Us a Line and let us know if you have any questions!