I can’t quite do it justice in this little box BUT A STONKING THANK YOU for everyone that came and pedalled their hearts out at the first Nelson’s Tour de Test Valley.

It was a truly epic day only made possible by all the help I had, most importantly from Chris, Nigel & Edie Pratt (Edie made 500 brownies and helped make 300 rolls!!) Plus Ben Pearce¬†(Ben’s Mum also made so many brownies), Chloe Mouse, Rod on the farm, Andy Cook, all the CALM guys, the timing dude Henry, and all the amazing volunteers and friends we had pitch in and put in an amazing shift to make what was a truly incredible day. It seems from the reaction we pulled it off. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

A massive shout out goes to VANS as well who were our biggest supporter. VANS paid for the cycle jerseys we made (which sold out!), gave us loads of goodies for the bags and amazing prizes for the top fundraisers. SO anyone that raised over £300 send me your details as you earnt yourself a free pair of shoes!

Kellie Parsons and MADISON also deserve a huge thanks for providing the goodie bags and a load of the energy bars and gels that kept you all pedalling on the day!

For now bask in the glory of your ride times here, get the legs in the air, a cushion on the arse and give yourself a massive high five for tall the money we raised for CALM – I’ll get the total posted as soon as I can, I do know it’s going to be huge!


Thank you so much, I was too emotional to say it at the end properly – it is a day I’ll never forget and Nelson would have loved every second of it. He was without doubt there with us all.